Network Assessment

In-Depth Look at Your IT Systems

Do you know the true health of your IT systems?

Your network is the lifeline of your organization. It consists of critical applications and sensitive data needed to run your business. It needs to be running optimally and securely to ensure your business’ success.  When your network under performs,  it hurts your productivity and your bottom line.

When was the last time you took a deep dive into your computer network?

What is a network assessment?

A network assessment evaluates your current IT to determine the reliability and security of your network and its ability to support your needs now and into the future.

Why are network assessments critical?

IT environments change regularly. Businesses have difficulty keeping track of all the devices that may be connected to their networks. People use their personal mobile devices at work, adding potential security risks and a load on the network that may not have been planned for.

Our complete assessment analyzes the following areas of your business IT and uncovers those areas that need improvement.

Network Security

A cyber security breach can cripple a small business or potentially put it out of business. This part of the assessment looks at the security of your systems and network and identifies potential weaknesses that could be exploited. In particular we look at:

  • Missing security updates and patch analysis to identify computers missing security updates
  • Password strength analysis to identify computers with weak passwords that may pose a security risk
  • Endpoint security and backup analysis
  • Identify internal and external network vulnerabilities
  • Internet quality testing and open port vulnerabilities
  • Network discovery for devices currently visible on the network (printers, mobile devices, network components)
  • User analysis lists the users in Active Directory, their status and last login/use, all of which helps identify potential security risks
  • System event log analysis discovers the five system and app event log errors for servers and workstations

System and Network Inventory

Although the key piece of the network and IT assessment is to uncover weaknesses and potential security issues, efficient and reliable network performance is essential for maintaining productivity and keeping critical operations running smoothly. By reviewing your systems and components and assessing their time in service, we provide the data you need to implement the most effective and cost-efficient upgrades.

  • Workstation and Server Aging Analysis
  • IT asset details (age, used resources, network shares, major applications)

Report and Recommendations

After analysis of the areas listed above, we will provide a complete assessment report listing all the weaknesses and shortcomings that were discovered in your IT systems.  In addition, a security risk analysis is generated outlining your risk level and where the security weaknesses are located.  These reports can be used to develop an action plan to address the weaknesses and produce a more secure and better performing IT environment for your business.

This critical Network Assessment is provided for a one-time investment $995.00. The health of your IT systems is directly related to the health of your business. If your network is not performing up to your expectations, contact us today to schedule an appointment to get started.

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Quick Look Business Assessment

Get a quick snapshot of how your business is doing. Sign up for our email list to download your free Quick Look Assessment.

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