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Getting Found in a Crowded Online Marketplace

nbound Marketing - Getting Found in a Crowded Marketplace
First Beacon Business Advisors offer marketing consulting services that span a broad range of traditional and online marketing activities. From marketing plan development, branding and creating a quality digital footprint to tradeshows, signage and print media, we can help your business increase its top line revenue.

Although we have experience across a wide range of marketing services, our specialty is helping businesses get noticed in a very noisy online marketplace. Our flagship marketing consulting services include:

  • Marketing strategy and plan development
  • Responsive web design and development
  • Inbound marketing plan development and execution

Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

Marketing Strategy and Plan
Our marketing strategy and plan services help you create a simple plan that guides your marketing activities. With so much distraction in our day-to-day activities, we need to put structure around our marketing so we remain focused on our goals.

A simple marketing plan that outlines all the important pieces needed to successfully and consistently market your business is something every small business should create. Whether you want to focus solely on inbound marketing or you want to integrate online with off-line marketing activities, we can help you create the plan that gets you there.

We keep our marketing plans simple so that you focus on choosing the right strategies that attract your ideal client. Simple marketing also helps to eliminate the marketing overwhelm facing business owners due to the rapidly changing digital landscape. Marketing overwhelm creates paralysis, guaranteeing that nothing gets done, and those activities that do are often random and ineffective.

Our marketing plan development services will help you:

  • Identify your vision and align your goals with your vision;
  • Identify who you serve and how to best reach them with your marketing activities;
  • Refine your goals to help you produce the results you want, eliminating activities that waste time or direct attention elsewhere
  • Develop your core message that highlights why you are different and speaks directly to the needs of your ideal client, allowing you to connect with them.
  • Choose your marketing activities wisely to ensure you are utilizing your resources most effectively

Responsive Website Design and Development

Responsive website design

Having a professional website that reflects your company in all aspects of the business and makes it easy for your prospects to find and connect with you on their terms, will help you attract more visitors and turn them into customers.

Creating a powerful web presence begins with a professional, mobile responsive website built on a self-hosted WordPress platform. Our WordPress websites are always mobile responsive, providing a mobile friendly experience to your potential customers.

Our approach to web design is to ensure your website is built to support your marketing activities first, ensuring you can deliver your message in a quality web environment while enabling you to maintain and update it yourself.

Plus all our WordPress websites include keyword phrase analysis and search engine optimization (SEO) as an integral part of the project to ensure your website is found by someone searching for what you have to offer. You can be sure that your website project will have the marketing elements required for it to be found by your target audience.

Inbound Marketing Plan Development and Execution

Inbound Marketing Services

Many small businesses have realized the effectiveness of inbound marketing in reaching targeted audiences with measurable results. Spending some time and money on building an inbound marketing plan can be the difference between a good year and a great year for your business.

Inbound marketing process is based on:

  • Attracting your ideal client by providing relevant, optimized content and distributing it across different online channels.
  • Converting visitors into qualified leads by offering premium content that encourages them to sign up to receive.
  • Nurturing these leads by providing the right information at the right time, shortening the sales process and turning these leads into customers.
  • Delighting your customers with a continuous stream of valuable content to turn them into referral sources.

There are many benefits of inbound marketing, especially for small businesses:

  • Reach prospects, 24 hours a day, every day. There is no other marketing activity that has extensive reach at minimal costs. Whether your world is global or local, inbound marketing can put your business in front of your customers when they are searching.
  • Get more visibility. You get an incredible amount of visibility that far exceeds your business size or geographic location, enabling you to reach more potential clients. Planned and executed correctly, your online marketing efforts can return a much greater return within a reasonable budget.
  • Seen as an expert resource in your industry. A professionally developed website and quality content can position your business as an expert resource in your industry, making it easy and convenient for prospects learn about what you do, how you do it, and the knowledge you possess.
  • Generate higher quality leads. Generating leads through inbound marketing enables you to build a larger, more qualified prospect list that you can nurture through marketing activities such as an online newsletter.

Before you can reap the benefits of inbound marketing, you need a plan to help you understand your target audience, define your inbound marketing goals and then choose the strategies to achieve your goals. In addition, your inbound marketing strategy needs a solid web presence to support your inbound marketing activities.

Inbound marketing strategies include search, social and content marketing activities.

  • Content marketing services. Content is critical to inbound marketing because it is what attracts your visitors to your web presence. Develop a content strategy that includes blog posts, e-books, videos, presentations, case studies and other types of content to educate, inspire and entertain your audience.
  • Search marketing services. Optimizing your website's content based on how people search for your products and services in order to receive organic placements in the search engine results is crucial to your inbound marketing strategy. Depending on the competitiveness of your keywords, you may need to engage in some paid search (or PPC) strategies to ensure you are visible in the search engine results.
  • Social media services. Creating great content is a start but without traffic, it won't help your cause. Reach your target audience by sharing and promoting your content on the social media platforms that are most relevant to them. Content promotion is crucial to your inbound marketing strategy because it helps people discover your content more easily.

There is too much distraction online to try to implement inbound marketing without a plan. Putting structure around your strategy helps you remain focused on the goal. Our inbound marketing services can help you develop a realistic plan that increases your online visibility and generates quality inbound leads.

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As a small business owner it is often necessary to juggle many hats. For that reason, when I find someone I respect, trust and like to help me juggle one of my hats, I consider it a great day because it is so rare. Debra is such a person.

Even better, as a small business owner herself, she instantly understood everything I threw at her and could make recommendations I could trust. With Debra there is no curtain to pull back, no wasted time you’ll be billed for. She is the real deal and I can’t recommend her enough.

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