Managed IT Services

Implementing an Effective Managed IT Plan

Information Technology, IT, has become a core component of any modern business environment. Implementing and executing a proper IT plan can make your business more efficient and competitive in the market place.

IT - Proper Design Is Critical

Managed IT Services
IT infrastructure design and planning is a key component to an efficiently running business. Every business has a unique set of needs which must be evaluated when designing and selecting the components and technologies that comprise the network.

Some businesses rely on traditional networks consisting of desktop workstations connected to in-house servers for file and application access. The modern trend, however, is a mobile workforce which incorporates portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones and needs to accommodate user access from anywhere at any time.

“The Cloud” has become synonymous with the modern workforce and has become a critical component in modern IT designs and deployments.  Cloud integrated infrastructure takes careful planning to ensure data is properly protected and ensure corporate governance is followed.

Components of Proper IT Infrastructure

Managed IT Services Plan

A well documented technology plan including overall strategy, security planning and response, and disaster recovery and restoration.

Management Staff or Company

Once the proper IT infrastructure is established and secured, it must be maintained and monitored to ensure ideal conditions for employees. Depending on the size and requirements, this can be accomplished with dedicated internal staff, an outside IT consulting company, or a hybrid of both. Services to look for should include the following:

  • Manage and monitor your workstations, servers, and network
  • Full support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Vmware Environments
  • Complete Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Ransomware Protection & Monitoring
  • Email Spam Protection
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Gateway Intrusion Protection
  • Routine Preventive Maintenance
  • User Account Management
  • Security Patch Management
  • Software License Reporting
  • Network Security Assessment
  • Client Network Configuration Management
  • Disk Space, Partition and Usage Management


Technology has life cycles that should be considered. Sometimes the latest flashy gadget may not be ideal for your business IT environment. Hardware and software should be maintained and refreshed on a regular basis to ensure proper performance, security, and business efficiency.


A proper security plan should be developed for your business and followed. The modern mobile computing environment presents many new challenges to properly securing your company data and sensitive client information.  Your risk level should be evaluated by an expert who can help develop and implement proper solutions to mitigate your cyber risk.

Cyber Security Is Paramount

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is of the utmost concern in modern network environments. Cyber Security planning has become a critical part of the modern business environment and is the discussion topic in planning meetings and boardrooms throughout the globe. The list of vulnerabilities seemingly grows on a daily basis and not properly securing your IT infrastructure can potentially be catastrophic for your business.

As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting your critical business data and sensitive client information. The workplace has evolved from a traditional in-house computing environment to a mobile computing environment with a need for access to business data from anywhere. With cloud-based strategies becoming more agile, accessible, and affordable, they are being adopted rapidly and sometimes without proper consideration for security.

Cloud infrastructure and services must be integrated into your business security plan to ensure proper security procedures and defense strategies are followed in the event of a breach or attack.

Network Security

Network security has become more important for business networks than ever before. It is of the utmost importance to take the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access to your network and your valuable data. Network security requires a multi-layered approach to protecting your business. Your network security solution should do the following:

  • Provide a business class firewall to block unauthorized access to your network
  • Block dangerous and malicious websites from infecting your computers
  • Manage network and VPN user access
  • Provide email, spam and anti-virus protection
  • Set up secure WiFi and provide isolation for guest access
  • Provide and manage a complete backup and disaster recovery solution to protect your data
  • Store your backup data both on-site and off-site in our secure datacenter
  • Provide quick recovery in the event of a disaster or system failure
  • Provide and manage anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Multi-layer protection against ransomware, malware, spyware and adware attacks

Danger Signs

  • Dated infrastructure components which can lead to failure and downtime.
  • Old and non-patched software which can expose a network to security vulnerabilities.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or devices not governed by business security policies or management.

What Can Be Done

  • Regular network assessments and developing a proper IT plan with your CIO (or virtual CIO consultant).
  • Regular cyber security vulnerability scans and assessments to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure.
  • Upgrades of older components and software to reduce the risk of downtime and security threats to your network.

If your IT service company is not delivering a comprehensive plan and servicing your business effectively, contact us for more information on our IT services.

Cyber Security Risks and Remedies

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