Proving Value of a Business Assessment

Proving Value of a Business Assessment

If done properly, a business assessment provides the business owner with significant value and benefit because it helps him/her to focus on what is important. Here is a real life example of how an objective look at the strategy and operations of a business helped distill, focus and change a company’s actions that resulted in increasing revenues and growth.

Small Business Financing in a Tough Lending Environment

Small Business Financing

Every business in America, whether they realize it or not, needs financing to fund growth strategies for their business. However, given the tough lending environment, small business financing is not always easy to find. There are the conventional sources such as banks and finance companies. There are also what are considered unconventional sources such as owner’s savings, friends and family or credit cards.

R&D Tax Credits Now Provide Payroll Tax Relief

R&D Tax Credits Now Provide Payroll Tax Relief

Without question, one of the major highlights of the recently enacted PATH Act of 2015 is the provision making the R&D Tax Credit permanent. The permanency of the credit provides the owners and leaders of manufacturing and technology companies the fiscal certainty necessary to make important decisions concerning their investments in innovation.

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit?

R&D Tax Credits

The R&D tax credit, which is regularly used by America’s largest companies, is vastly under-utilized by the nation’s small and mid-sized producers and innovation businesses. The reasons for not utilizing the research credit vary widely, though the principle causes relate to confusion about what expenses and activities qualify for the credit and the complexities associated with computing the credit.

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